Friday, January 15, 2010

Web Trick #2: Easy to Navigate

This is a tricky part.

Most web developers know this is important. But when it comes to implementation, it is quite a task.

This also depends quite a lot on the design as well. Layout of the website is properly planned with similar links or buttons grouped at the same place. Visitors will have a much easier time to recognize the location to browse, look for information, inquire or quit and back out.

My advise is to put more effort on the design to make use of color to group links of similar nature with similar color. For example, links to other parts of web site should be grouped in a "control panel" fashion so that visitors know where to look for links to navigate around. The "control panel" has to be prominent enough to stand out in a crowd. Some even use floating "control panel" type separating it in a different layer to stay on the sight all the time.

The last but not least, use your imagination. Be fair with your own design. Treat your design as other's design and navigate your own site without mercy. Try to crash your own site and you will see the problems and know where to fix to make it user friendly.

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