Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What a strange round-up comparison.

I like CGI - PERL combination because Linux server is free to set up if I want to build my own web server. PERL is much powerful than ASP after comparing both programming platform. Many tasks can be completed with minimum amount of codes compared to ASP. Anyway, ASP is obsolete and ASP.NET is just as versatile as PERL programming environment.

I like PHP as it is like the combo of PERL and ASP. It has the server side thing as well as the PERL programming flexibility.

As for ASP, I don't see much benefit of using it beside its ability to make use of default.asp similar to index.html to save user from typing the URI. Calling the root directory is sufficient to run the web site. This is briefly explained in my second post on the 2nd of January 2010.

In conclusion, all three are acceptable to be used as your website programming platform. It is up to you to decide. If you are running a Windows server, you seem to have not much choices. If you are using a Apache based web server, you get to choose either PHP or PERL. Actually I like PERL a lot as it is way flexible and versatile but the /cgi-bin/ path showing on the web address is just too risky and it is too inviting to hacker's attack. Hackers instantly know what you are up to. PHP could be the most popular and hassle-free web programming environment. With the support of free database softwate, MySQL, to run database, it is like a gift to web programmers.

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