Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DIV mask layer not fully covered on top when there is a scroll bar

It's common to create a "mask" layer on top of the page in order to display photos, pop-up messages, etc.

I used to use the "absolute" positioning to do the job under I lately discovered the so called "masked" will move if there is a scroll bar (when shrinking the window's size).

This problem can be easily solved by just setting the DIV to "fixed" position.

Another problem solved! But wait a minute. This solution doesn't work in IE! Let me see if there is a workaround for this...
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Best Way to Round Up Numbers Using Javascript

I previously found several solutions to round up (float) numbers to closest two decimal places. Some are using complicated function with sofisticated codes but I find this one-liner quite effective and efficient:

Math.round(num*100)/100; // for two decimal places
Math.round(num*1000)/1000; // for three decimal places

I appreciate the author who did this and sorry for forgetting where I get it from.
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