Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fastest Way to Get The Coordinates For Usemap

As we all know that we need to specify the coordinates when we set up the Usemap for our image.

I recommend using Photoshop.

Launch Photoshop (I still use version 7 in 2010), pull down Edit->Preferences->Units & Rulers. Set the rulers setting to pixels.

Open your image file. The use the selection tool to select the upper left corner like in the following:

Then go to the navigator toolbar window (usually on the upper right hand corner):

Click on the info tab and you will see:

The coordinates are here! Are they neat?

Repeat the same steps on the lower right corner of your image to get the coordinates.

Walla! Plug those numbers into your usemap. You can find the basic of usemap using Google easily.

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