Saturday, January 2, 2010

More tricks?

This is just my second trick and I would like make it quick. Trying to discipline myself to record all the tricks and tweaks that I have been using for the past ten years.

Here's something that I always wonder, wonder how people make so much dynamics stuff using javascript which in fact looks like something running from the server.

I must have been indulging in the world of Linux web programming environment using PERL and PHP. I realize if I put a default.asp in a Windows Web Server root directory, I can run a dynamic web site without using long URL like

Basically, is the same as
But make sure there is no index.htm or index.html in the root directory.

I could be naive to resist Windows products all these years. This is actually a cool feature.

Since I'm out of time today, I choose this short trick to present in my second blog. Until next time! ... Hopefully tomorrow.

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