Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Firefox isn’t Foxy When it comes to Javascript Execution

Strangely, Firefox executes Javascripts the slowest compared to IE, Safari and Chrome. It is a strange phenomenon as it doesn’t affect IE, Safari or Chrome.

There is also a claim that Firefox 3.5 or higher can run Javascript faster. Since there are still many who are using Firefox 3.0 or lower, I will stick to it unless 3.0 has been forced to phase off.

No real fix can be found yet unless to upgrade to version 3.5 or higher which is not a good solution. I cannot just ask all the visitors of the websites I built to upgrade their Firefox. This is a shortcoming of older version of Firefox. Never expect Firefox to have such a small problem that may seem big for someone.
Another thing is to reduce the usage of Ajax as it could slow it down further.

Update (April 4th, 2016): Firefox is no longer the slowest. IE7 or below is the slowest to run Javascript for now. All latest browsers can now run Javascript efficiently. The problem now occurs in tablets. iPad or Android based tablets are now having some speed issues with Javascript even though the specification of the device is encouraging to run heavy tasks. Maybe Javascript is just not their cup of tea.

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