Friday, March 5, 2010

Paypal doesn’t like to be framed in IE

I tried to redirect a shopping cart form to an iframe a while ago but the Paypal keeps showing an Error something like "your last action could not be completed" while using IE but it works fine in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Then I make the redirection to a brand new page by adding the "target = _top" to the link anchor and everything works fine now.

Weird problem. Obviously Paypal doesn't like us to enclose it in a frame.

September 2011 Update: Now Paypal doesn't allow its content to be framed across all browser platforms. Previously it will automatically move the content to the _top page by doing a refresh but now we have to redirect to a new top page ourselves or we'll get a blank page. This is for Paypal standard checkout using HTML redirection. Do we foresee a mandatory SSL redirection in the future?

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