Thursday, March 4, 2010

Speeding up Firefox

I notice HTML content will be a bit slow to show up on Firefox whenever there is an error reported in Firefox Error Console.

As a responsible web developer, it is our duty to run the Error Console every now and then.

Just clear the history and have a run of Error Console and reload of target website, all the problems with the Firefox will show up. Fixing some problems in Firefox platform could fix the speed problem in other browsers as well. So start screening with Firefox’s Error Console today!

Sometimes, Firefox just gives warning. It’s also good to get rid of the warning as it may slow down the browser by performing debugging on the javascript and/or CSS. Sometimes we also need to do some tricks with the HTML so that those properties that are not supported in Firefox are filtered before an official web presence.
Update (April 5th, 2016): I now use Google Chrome's Inspect Element to check for errors as it is more versatile and accurate in terms of reporting errors.

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