Friday, October 28, 2011

Facebook App Using OAuth 2.0 and Open Graph Profile

This is the path:

Note: this is for educational purposes and the look and feel might not look professional.

App Feature:
- Convert your friends' contact info into csv file
- You can configure particulars you like to add to the list (csv file)
- Good for backing up your FB contacts
- The csv file can be opened by spreadsheet software such as Excel and OpenOffice. (You need to follow the instruction to open it correctly)
- The texts are international (support most languages)

Internal Feature (Programming wise):
- It's OAuth 2.0 compatible
- Uses JSON (Open Graph) data format
- Uses FQL to run the data collection (Speed Up the Process)
- Uses Open Graph to get basic info of the user
- Compatible with IE7 (known to have problem with OAuth 2.0)
- Uses scope to open up permissions to gather protected graph info by obtaining the right access tokens
- Runs in PHP only
- UTF-8 compatible
- Email and Phone number will not be supported as FB will deprecate it any time

Special Treat:
- Those who donate will receive the full source code with explanation upon request. Please give me a kick if you really need this source code after you donate. Time is money. Installation Guide will also be provided but you need to run it on your own hosting and FB (developer) account. Hopefully, by obtaining the source code and install on your FB account, you can kick start your FB App development!

The documentation will also address the IE problem. Actually IE is not the culprit as it is just enforcing very strict anti CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) rules.

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