Wednesday, October 5, 2011

About AJAX, JQUERY, JSON, Microsoft AJAX

Ever since facebook embraces AJAX, the popularity surged.

Yahoo and Google started this game and it is good. Microsoft AJAX is having compatibility problems with browsers and JQuery took the center stage.

I summarize the new trends as below so that it's easier to understand:

AJAX - HTML direct connection to server without refreshing a page
JQuery - Advanced Javascript codes to manipulate CSS and AJAX connection/data
JSON - An alternative to XML data format. XML is harder to use.
Microsoft AJAX - JQuery can replace it easily due to its wide compatibility.

JQuery is the winner as it can manipulate CSS and run AJAX stuff. Its partner, JSON, can easily replace XML due to its compatibility with browsers and programming languages. But their concept is all about associative arrays or hash tables. Please don't let the fancy name scare you.

The above shows the difference between "AJAX"ing with JSON and XML.

JSON is very Google/Yahoo feel whereas XML is very Microsoft feel. Hope this is easier to remember.

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