Friday, February 19, 2010

Which Broswer is the Best?

It depends on whether you want to use it to surf or you want use it to develop websites.

For web developers, it is always Firefox as it comes with tools to help troubleshoot websites and the plug-ins are widely available such as plug-ins to view raw HTTP headers, etc.

If you want to use it to surf net, I would recommend Safari and Chrome. I use to like Safari. After installing Chrome, Google has the upper hand.

For best compatibility, IE wins the race as many websites are built based on IE as it has the most users in the world.

In summary, Google Chrome is the best browser to surf although it has its own shortcomings.
UPDATE (April 5th, 2016): Many things occurred since this post. As of today, the scenario has drastically changed. Here is the latest browser statistics from w3schools website: where it used to be: Google Chrome's popularity surged from 11.6% (February 2010) to 69% (February 2016). The increase is almost 700%!

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