Friday, September 6, 2013

Javascript to Sniff Android Based Browsers

Updated on 7th of February, 2014: The is_touch_device() function in the following is no longer working. Please check out my latest is_touch_device() function that works in the latest Chrome browser (Nevertheless, the rest of the codes are still working. Just replace the latest is_touch_device() function will do):

Using Javascript to sniff out Android based broswer is tough as the list of Android devices is very lengthy. Here's my Javascript way of performing the Android sniffing task.


function is_touch_device() {
 try {
  return true;
 catch (e) {
  return false;

var ie = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE") != -1);
var ipad = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("iPad") != -1);
var iphone = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("iPhone") != -1);
var bb = (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("BlackBerry") != -1);
var touch = is_touch_device();
var android = touch && !ipad && !iphone && !bb && !ie;

if (android) {
 alert("Hello Droid!");


The logic? A touch capable device which is not either iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows 8 (touch screen), chance is very high that it is an Android device. But the trend will keep on changing. This should be still good for now.

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