Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Set Facebook Landing Page to Your App?

Can you do this? Yes and no.

Yes, it is only applicable to those who haven't "LIKE" your page/app.

No, if your fan has already "LIKE" you. They will go to the page's wall instead.

You can refer to how to set up the app in my earlier post if you haven't made one yet. If you already have an app in place, you can easily go to your intended facebook page and then click on "Edit Page" in "Get Started" or on the wall on the top right.

You may be landed on the "Manage Permissions" link. If not, go there. Then find your app in the Default Landing Tab options. Your app should be there. After that, save your changes.

Once again, if you already "LIKE" your own, you go to WALL directly. Log out and go the facebook page, you'll be landed on the app you just picked.

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